Shared Reflections on Explorations of Generative Leadership

Dave Pendle
5 min readFeb 6, 2023

What follows is a flavour OR an overview of how some participants of my Generative Leadership Courses and Masterclasses, have responded to the outstanding learning moments offered in these experiential sessions.

Simone an Organisation Development Consultant wrote the following about the most recent Masterclass focussed on Challenge;

The interactive and transformative character my experience is not covered by the word Masterclass. It was mainly exploratory, sense making and perspective changing. For every one who longs for deep conversations.

Klara (Student Windsheim College), took part in the Narratives Masterclass.

I followed Dave's Masterclass on Sensemaking and Metanarratives in the climate crisis. It was highly inspiring to follow his interactive and playful yet very thought-through and eloquent approach.

It really made me realize how becoming aware of the stories we tell ourselves about the world that we live in can change everything. His class was a first step for me to discern what narratives and paradigms my worldview is informed by. This opens up space to be more deliberate about how I want to see and thereby engage with my surroundings. I am grateful for the profound experience.

Anna (Student Windsheim College) on Awakening her Superpowers of Attention

Without having much knowledge about meditation and mindfulness, Dave took me and the other participants through a body and mind journey. The masterclass “Awaken Your Superpowers of Attention” took me away from the stress of my daily life and brought me back to sensing myself and my body. Additionally with the precise and inspirational knowledge input from Dave, I gained knowledge what the difference between mindfulness and meditation. This was made more tangible through the embodied exercises and the exchange with the other participants. After the masterclass I feel a lot of motivation to use the tools Learned during the time and cultivate them further. Thank you, Dave, for energising and motivating me to further empower myself and my attention.

Franka (Learning Coach) graduate of a Masters in Positive Psychology;
also Awakening her Superpowers of Attention

As a participant in the masterclass “Awaken Your Super Powers of Attention”, I was taken on an experiential discovery. Dave’s profound knowledge of and lived experience in exploring consciousness was reflected in the richness of the masterclass. I look back on a genuine, clarifying, and regenerative time, during which I gained an embodied understanding of the difference between mindfulness and meditation. Moreover, I got direction and tools to further cultivate the power of attention myself. After 5 hours behind my laptop, I felt energized and inspired — we all know how unique that is. Thank you, Dave!

Jade Ceramicist Entrepreneur and Founder about the 2021 Art Practice of Generative Leadership online programme

Jade a young Dutch born South African based ceramicist, entrepreneur and artist shares in the video below the impact of participating and also assisting with, my 2021 Campus Co-Evolve Course; the Art and Practice of Generative Leadership.

In the video she describes how the course aligned her creative passion, with her purpose with deeper sense of commitment which gave her the courage to launch and grow her new enterprise. At the end of 2021 she was able to stop all her other part time jobs and now by the end of 2022 the atelier employs and supports four workers.

Jim CEO Battery Advancement for the Energy Transition describes his experience of the 2021 Art Practice of Generative Leadership online programme

I think what comes to mind first and foremost is that by taking your course, you helped me connect to the core of my being and then led me from there which demonstrated and made it easy for me to move and make my company and my company culture in line with those motives. You made that inner core of my being stronger and more articulate and more present so that voice guided me and it’s already inside of me all this stuff. I know what my values are, but just to connect and then continue to follow through with exercises and processes and specific topics that were really relevant to me as I was starting my business.

It became essential to me that all aspects of my business were going to reflect those core values of who I am. That doesn’t just mean who I am, it means recognising that who I am and the world are one and if I act in a way that is in harmony with the higher principles that govern how the world is working generatively, whether we know it or not. Then I’m tapping into something that is going to make my business successful and my employees happy. I can sleep well at night and I can make decisions based on trust and knowing rather than fear and doubt. Fear and doubt, trust and knowing. To be able to rise above.

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