A tribute to PAUSE practice and REGEN Circles

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Introduction: Monthly Pause Practice
On the first Friday of most months, the Regen Collective of education focused change-makers, convene to explore current topics, in participants’ education practice or issues that have recently emerged in the Regen Circles themselves. The overarching theme on Friday 6 November was ‘We Are The Stories We Tell’. The methodology used to convene Regen Circles is called PAUSE practice as outlined below.

The hosts have an admirable dedication to their own personal spiritual and professional development, they convene the circles with a rhythm and structure that intentionally and…


I began this article, as a result of the inspirational experience leading a hub whilst following the 2019 Ulab 1x Mooc. I felt a consistently recurring poetic impulse, to express, the emergent possibility and potential that arose between people, who were engaged in exploring, the tools and heart opening practices provided in the course. I wrote the core of this article between November 2019 and late January 2020 and felt that the term Eco-Poetics was the most apt way to encapsulate, the phenomena that I had experienced. …

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Ahmed Aref founder of Values and Leadership Podcast, prior to our interview challenged me to relate, the leadership wisdom that I had distilled from my years of non-profit and local government work, my master’s dissertation and embodied spiritual research, to his audience who are largely active in the corporate commerce and regular business sectors. Whilst I am a capitalist sceptic, particularly of extractive and exploitative commerce, I recognize that this moment urgently needs a regenerative and reformed entrepreneurial spirit, to move into a new paradigm of business that benefits both humanity and the planet.

Therefore, I racked my brains for…

On the balcony of my prior apartment in East Amsterdam


My Story so far: Previously I experienced a nearly thirty year career in the United Kingdom, carrying out non-profit work, largely with excluded children and young adults. This ranged from front facing service delivery, to project management and quality improvement to innovation and workforce development. I also enjoyed in parallel, years of personal and spiritual development, which I hardly ever explicitly brought into my work.

Towards the end of this phase nearly seven years ago I began a relationship with my now wife who is Dutch. Initially we commuted between London and Amsterdam for three years. Then I moved…

Photo Tenee Attoh https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/aug/26/the-mixed-race-experience-there-are-times-i-feel-like-the-odd-one-out-

I was surprisingly moved to tears by the recent unveiling of Kamala Devi Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate and consequently as U.S. vice presidential candidate. Like many I was impressed by her forensic questioning of Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr in their Senate hearings, likewise her skewering of Joe Biden in the Democratic primary debates. Nevertheless it was neither her adversarial skills nor the prominence of her presidential campaign that moved me so greatly. Or that she was appointed to potentially and arguably, to become the second most powerful person on the planet. Before I even knew why or…

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Practicing a Mindful Embodied Relationship to Climate Change a GAIA prototype

While writing an article about a mindful and embodied relationship to climate change, I had a very exciting conversation with a Social Presencing Theatre practitioner and trainer about our societies’ pathological and cultural disconnect to the climate crisis. Around the same time I also heard from another colleague and friend, that university lecturers who are struggling to process their own personal climate related distress, find it overwhelming to also respond, to the upset and anxiousness of their students. …

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The Case for a Mindful and Embodied Relationship to Climate Change

At the time of writing, not long after the east coast of Australia erupted in conflagration earlier this year, Siberia well known for being one of the coldest places on the planet in winter is experiencing a period of record high temperatures. Governments across the globe main focus is currently on on, diminishing the impact of another invisible enemy, the Covid19 pandemic. Thus the likelihood of an imminent coordinated international response to the climate change emergency, is slipping further and further off the radar. Never before has the westernized worlds endemic, social, emotional and cultural dissociation from climate change been…

Timeless wisdom and civilizational renewal

Timeless Enquiry

How a renewed appreciation, a reinterpretation of timeless wisdom might serve us in this moment.

At a Charles Eisenstein evening talk at De Duif in Amsterdam last year, a friend expressed his inspiration concerning Charles’ emphasis on the importance of ancient Wisdom Traditions, with reference to our current ecological crisis. My friend expressed his appreciation of the inspiration he experienced, when pondering the need to stay connected and informed by this ancient wisdom. This sentiment seems to me encapsulate a contemporary yearning, to be informed by deep truths about the nature of life and living. To which our modern techno…

Imaginal Cells, Metamorphosis and Emergence

Image Christopher Relander

Rebecca Solnit
Rebecca Solnit’s longread in the Guardian about the Corona virus’ impact on the world, for a brief moment, brought into the forefront of public consciousness, the miraculous transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly. She highlights the critical role that imaginal cells or discs play in catalysing this transmogrification. This article in Scientific American offers a slightly more descriptive version of the process. Solnit suggests that this biological occurrence might be analogous to our current global COVID19 circumstances, others view the story as a metaphor for human emergence. …

Leadership as Practice

Self Leadership is embedded in Nature
Self Leadership is embedded in Nature

As part of David Gurteen’s online knowledge cafe on March 20 2020 a group from all around the world were invited to discuss the notion of Leadership as Practice. Having received a distinction in 2013 for my MA dissertation about the ‘Lived Experience of Leadership Development’ I eagerly signed up for the group, as the title alone resonated with much of my research and approach to the topic.

To my great delight preparation for the knowledge cafe involved watching a short video of Ronald Heifetz summarizing his latest views on the topic. Heifetz is world leading researcher…

Dave Pendle

Navigating this civilizational moment of disruption to usher in the more beautiful world…

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